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the government building
Introducing the government building 1F Transportation Administration Division,Agricultural Cooperative Association,Restroom,Director of Tax Administration Division,Director of Accounting Division,Restroom,Support of residents life Division,Division of Social Welfare,Division of Civil Service
Introducing the government building 2F Cafeteria,Restroom,Spare Room,Conference Hall,Supplies Storage,Restroom,Briefing Room,Division of Culture and Tourism,Director's Office of Urban Construction,Director's Office of General Affairs,Mayor's Office,Annex Office,Vice Mayor's Office,Director of General Affairs Division,Auditorium
Introducing the government building 3F Restroom,Spare Room,Conference Hall,Supplies Storage,Restroom,Approval Division,Office of Oeace and Unity,Urban Construction,Division,Division of Disaster and Management
Introducing the government building 4F Restroom,Supply Room,Broadcasting Studio,Restroom,Forest Fire Briefing Conference Room,Division of Economics,Water Supply,Spare,Forest & Green,Environment Management
Introducing the government building 5F Restroom,Broadcasting room,FAX Room,Restroom,Physical Training Facility,Audit & Inspection Office,Compute Facility,Computer Training Facility,Divison of security 
and public administration,Construction Division,Briefing Conference Room
Introducing the government building -1F Storgae,Restroom,Muniment Room,Driver's Waiting Room,Warehouse,Spare Room,Machine Room,Spare Room ,Training Site for Reserve Army,Warehouse,Electricity Room,Generator Room
CCTV Control Center, Safety Disaster Management Division,Document & Archives Room, Night duty Office
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