Taxi Fares

Taxi Fares
Category Unit Cost Misc.
Sedan Taxi Base Fare 2km 3,300 ※ Night fares from 00:00 to 04:00
Distance Fares Per 143m 100
Time Fares Per 34 seconds 100
Call Charges 0
Night and Out-of-City Fares 20% surcharge

Complex Surcharges

  • When meeting complex surcharge conditions, 25% surcharge (KRW700) of the base fare (KRW2,800) is added for the base distance (2km).
  • When meeting complex surcharge conditions, 40% surcharge to the meter fare is added to distance and/or time fares.
  • Other details not specified here follow the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Decree No. 2008-56 (Dec. 10, 2008), regarding taxi fare systems (base and surcharge systems in different conditions).