Pyochungsa Temple Stay

Pyochungsa Temple Stay
Pyochungsa Temple Stay

With pristine natural environment and various Buddhist cultural heritages, Pyochungsa Temple offers a stay program in which the guests can experience the daily life of Buddhist monks in meditation.

The program includes zen classes, meditation, and cultural heritage viewing.

The activities help guests escape their daily routines to understand the true meaning of emptiness and fulfillment, as well as the meaning of life.


  • Fees: Regular (Relaxation and Activities) -> 2-Day Program: Adults KRW50,000, Youth KRW40,000, Elementary School Children KRW30,000
  • Payment: Nonghyup Bank 817-17-001032 (Deposit to: Pyochungsa Temple)
  • Things to Bring: Toiletries, water bottle, and trekking (athletic) shoes
  • Inquiries: Temple Office 055)352-1150 / FAX: 055)352-1836
  • Website:

* Above information change depending on the circumstance.

  • Location: 23, Gucheon-ri, Danjang-myeon, Miryang-si
  • Directions: Sindaegu-Busan Expressway Miryang IC → Geumgok Intersection → Pyochungsa Temple
  • Website:
  • Inquiries: 055)359-3825, 352-3825
  • Nearby Attractions: Pyochungsa Temple, Miryang Dam, Eoreumgol Valley, Eoreumgol Cable Car