• Park Il-ho
  • Miryang, an open happy city and vital future city the mayor of Miryang Park Il-ho
“Miryang, an open happy city and vital future city”
Visitors to the website of Miryang:
I am Park Il-ho, the mayor of Miryang.
I offer my sincere welcome to the city website.
The city of Miryang
has great potentials for growth, with Routes 24 and 25 intersecting it horizontally and vertically, along with Sindaegu-Busan Expressway and Miryang-Ulsan Expressway.
The thirteen million residents in the nearby metro area consisting of Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, and Changwon also gives Miryang a great opportunity for further development.
In addition, Miryang is host to a long historical culture of loyalty, filial piety, and Confucian rites and academics, along with splendid cultural sites and beautiful natural scenery, which all combine to make the city a place for cultural tourism.
Various events in our city, including Miryang Arirang Festival and Miryang Summer Performance and Arts Festival, will provide all visitors to our city with beautiful memories.
All employees at the city of Miryang have their ears open to listen to customer opinions, in order to build a passionate, vital, and growing city. We ask for continued interest and support from all those who love our city.
Thank you.