Yasugi-shi, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Overview of Yasugi-shi

Overview of Yasugi-shi
Location Western part of south-central region in Japan
Population 38,032
Area 420.97㎢
Administrative Departments 8 departments (1 office, 2 centers), 33 Division
City Council 24 council members
Features The city has many tombs, and folk dance called Yasugibushi is well-known. Yasugi produces iron, as well as various machines and tools.
Date of Sister City Agreement October 18, 1990
Reasons for Sister City Agreement Friendship based on history of ancient cultural exchange between the two regions. Globalization of both local governments and improvement of their competitiveness.
Website http://www.city.yasugi.shimane.jp/

History of Exchange

Yasugi-shi, Shimane Prefecture, Japan photo
  • Administrative Exchange: Sharing of administrative information by exchanging city employees annually
  • Cultural Exchange: Mutual visits to city festivals and exchange performances of private cultural and arts groups
  • Sports Exchange: Mutual participation of local marathon competitions and exchanges between local sports clubs
  • Other Exchange: Mutual homestay visits by local elementary students and other civilian exchange programs
Yasugi-shi, Shimane Prefecture, Japan photo

Future Plans

  • Create base for exporting Miryang’s tourism products
  • Improvement of friendly exchanges between the two cities through mutual visits to local cultural and arts events
  • City employee exchange programs
  • Exchange homestay programs for athletes and youths