City Song & Symbols

City Song

City Song img
  • Verse 1

    • With the spirits from Hwaaksan Mountain and the soul of Miribeol Plains;
    • As the new light of the new history shining on the entire world;
    • Let us create a rich and blessed place of residence;
    • For many years in this proud city of Miryang.
  • Verse 2

    • A proud cultural legacy and high filial and loyal spirit;
    • Our hearts are linked with our tradition;
    • Let us live alongside the flowing Namcheongang River and standing Yeongnamnu Pavilion;
    • For many years in this proud city of Miryang.
  • Refrain

    • For the prosperity of tomorrow and permanent glory;
    • The city of Miryang advances in one mind towards one goal.
City Song

City Tree: Pine Tree

  • Represents the citizens’ scholarly spirit through the evergreen colors throughout the year.
City Song

City Flower: Azalea

  • With strong reproductive and adaptability, the flower represents the citizens’ character of high spirits and loyalty, as well as the city’s enterprising spirit and prosperity.
City Song

City Bird: Magpie

  • Traditionally, magpie is a harbinger of guests, and is loved by the citizens for nesting around residences.

Citizens’ Charter

  • We are proud citizens of Miryang, people inheriting the grace of our mountains and rivers and protecting traditional values.
    1. We value our tradition of loyalty, filial piety, etiquette, and academics.
    2. We protect the nature and cultural heritage containing the value of our ancestors.
    3. We create a new Miryang through industrial promotion and regional development.
    4. We create a new society in which just and diligent citizens lead the city.