Logo and Character

City Logo

City Logo img
  • Based on the image of Miryang as a clean, habitable, and cultural city, the logo symbolizes a person traveling on the boat of hope. With bold brush strokes, the logo represents flexible, free, and vibrant way of life in Miryang.

City Character: Miryang Arirang

City Character
  • In addition to the dance moves of Arirang, colorful traditional Korean sleeves were added to active and sporty features of Miryang Arirang. The irregular and soft curves represent fluid forms, with are free and rounded in every movement, creating soft and acceptable image in any situation.
  • With the colorful sleeves and dancing image, the character was designed to connect the images of Korean folk song arirang and its Miryang variant. The body and the head make the character into a grand, active, and powerful deliverer of messages.